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Diligence guarantees fitness results

Published on 6th August 2015
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By Valerie Tokarz

So many of life's disciplines are intertwined ... what one learns in one area of life can easily be transferred to another.

Being diligent is just one of those disciplines. Whether it's remaining on top of your finances, being consistent with your parenting, committed to investing into your retirement account, staying on top of your car's maintenance, or dieting and exercise, if you slack off for even a little while, you'll feel the consequences. Lack of diligence will show itself evident.

I have a friend who faithfully monitors her bank account daily - in fact, several times a day! She likes to know how much is in her account, which checks have cleared and when automatic payments/deposits have been posted. Not only does she check her accounts frequently, she uses Quicken to track her expenses so she can know if she's over or under her budget and how her saving’s plan is stacking up. Let me tell you ... she's great at saving! Why? Because she's diligent in watching what she spends, how she spends, and where her money goes. I know for me, once I take my eyes off my own budget, I spend more. When you pay less attention, or are less diligent, then a laxness occurs that allows more variance in the outcome you want!

We've all heard stories of people who lost 50 pounds, then a year or two later, they've gained it all back again. It took diligence to lose the weight in the first place - and it took lack of diligence to gain it back.

For four years, I have been diligent in getting some form of exercise six days per week.  And I mean diligent. To the point there were nights I was on my elliptical machine at 10:30 because I couldn't fit it in during earlier hours. But it was that kind of diligence and dedication that whipped my out-of-shape body into shape! When you're overweight and far from being fit, a simple stroll a few days a week just won't cut it. Trust me, I know!

HOWEVER, the past few months have been very difficult to fit in the level of exercise I'm used to. I won't give you my excuses (because that's all they are when you get down to it!), but suffice it to say I didn't exert due diligence in fitting enough exercise into my daily life. Hand in hand with getting lax in the amount of exercise, is the laxness in the foods I allowed myself. Granted, I'm catching myself before I go back to the dark side, but yes, I feel some consequences to not being as diligent. My jeans are tighter, I'm more winded when I try to run longer distances and I don't feel as strong in my upper body. I don't feel as good about my health. It's a direct correlation!

The answer? To remain diligent with the things that are important to you! I'm a firm believer that EVERYONE finds time, or the money, to invest in that which they think is important!! We just do. If it's weight loss and better health you want, laxness will keep the outcome you want out of reach, while diligence will guarantee results!

For me, I don't want to go back to the dark side. Diligence with exercise and diet WILL reflect itself in my health and fitness. I know what I have to do.  What about you?